Large Freedia Shares 5 Greatest Non
Large Freedia Shares 5 Greatest Non

Large Freedia Shares 5 Greatest Non



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Fresh From Twerking With Beyonce, Serena Williams Releases Her Personal Dancing Video

If you happen to be addicted to sub bass, booty shakin', doing the Miley Cyrus and bouncing to half-time hi-hats, Pandora delivers three stations to customize your low-end knowledge. Probably not, but it positive has created it's mark so far on the business only time will inform if it can solidify its location in dance music for excellent. It seems that you currently have an twerking account developed within our VIP network of web sites on To maintain your private information protected, we want to confirm that it's really you.

Verify out what the net had to say about Nicki Minaj's twerking at Tidal X beneath. We initial saw Serena crush the twerking game with Beyoncé in the video for Lemonade, and it appears like she's absolutely taken these skills to the next level.

Rank History shows how well-liked Best Twerk Videos - Ideal Vines is in the Amazon app retailer, and how that's changed more than time. Fox News says the school in question told girls who felt uncomfortable they need to consider employing a secondary locker space in the basement of the elementary school.

The video of the concert opens with a tune from the Soviet-era animation film Winnie the Pooh" and shows an actor on stage wearing a bear costume and holding a jar labeled honey." The music then shifts to a modern dance melody and a swarm of young bees" flock to the stage and start twerking.

The rapper produced history on the Billboard charts this week, and celebrated with a twerking video. At least the racy video for the song has been a hit — with far more than 23 million views in two weeks. A day soon after a video of Russian college girls twerking in scantily-clad bee costumes for their Winnie the Pooh dance recital became a YouTube sensation, officials have shut down their studio and accused the instructors of negligence.
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